What is a Hot Mop Shower Pan?

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If you have a tile shower (pictured above), then you have a shower pan. The purpose of a shower pan (pictured below) is to hold all the water that goes through the tile grout and cement. Remember…..THESE ARE NOT WATERPROOF! When there’s water in the shower, it goes into the tile and has to hit a waterproof barrier. This barrier is called the shower pan. When you have a shower pan leak, you will wind up paying an extensive amount of money for demolition, replacing materials, and installing a whole new shower. This is a horribly expensive disaster to experience, and one that could be prevented by using the best system in the industry from the start. Beautiful, expensive tile work is only as good as the waterproofing system underneath it. There are good shower pans, and there are better shower pans. At Dexterous Hot Mop, you can be sure the waterproofing system we offer for your tile showers is the absolute best, simply because it lasts the longest. It’s important that your shower pan lasts as long as possible to stretch your investment years and years further. Think of it as insurance for your bathroom.

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There are different types of shower waterproofing services, such as PVC pan liners, roll-ons from a bucket, one-layer membranes, and waterproof foam boards, but the best option of them all is the hot mop.

A hot mop shower pan is an integrated system consisting of 4 layers of 500 degrees hot liquid tar with 3 layers of 15 lb roofing felt that sits on a mortar bed that is entirely pitched on a quarter-inch-per-foot toward the drain. This is not a product you can buy from the store, because not all showers are built the same! Every shower needs professional, and more importantly, Dexterous installation. Every single shower pan from Dexterous Hot Mop is individually hand-crafted to conform to all the unique complexities every shower project entails. Our products are made with the most proven materials in the industry! Hot mop shower pans have lasted generations. It may be considered an “old school” method by some, but that’s only because it has never stopped working. For more information on all of our hot mop service, contact us at Dexterous Hot Mop in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

What is a hot mop pan?

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