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We are a 4th Generation Hot Mop Shower Waterproofing Company That Designs The BEST Waterproofing System For Your Tile Shower. We Keep Your Money In Your Pocket & Your Mind At Ease, By Protecting Your Home Or Projects With the Our Most Trusted Shower Waterproofing System!

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What is a Hot Mop Shower Pan?

An Integrated System consisting of 4 Layers of 500 Degree Hot Liquid Tar and 3 Layers of 15 lb. Roofing Felt that sits on a Mortar Bed Entirely Sloped Toward the Shower Drain.

Shower Tile

100% Ultimate Customization

A Hot Mop Shower Pan is the Only system that is Hand-Crafted and Made on the spot to conform to each shower’s Unique Complexities.

Shower Waterproofing

A Hot Mop Shower Pan is the Most Efficient Shower Waterproofing system!

Longest Waterproof Lifespan, Fastest Installation, and Fastest Setting Times from other shower systems to Keep your Projects Moving!

4th Generation Shower Waterproofing Company in Southern California

Starting any new construction project, you will want to make sure you are doing the work the right way and not cut corners. Cutting corners in construction....can be VERY costly. ESPECIALLY FROM A FAILED SHOWER PAN LEAK! Before starting any projects, such as a a FLIP-house project, or just a brand new construction job, you have to keep in mind that the tile in a bathroom design is only as beautiful as the waterproofing beneath it. Tile and grout are NOT waterproof. When you take a shower, you can clearly see water flow to the drain. What you don’t see is all the water that travels through the tile and grout and hits that waterproof barrier, called a shower pan. A shower pan needs to be 100% effective at all times to be able to hold the water from 2-3 showers A DAY. The best move anyone can make to better protect their investments in house remodeling from horrible shower leak disasters is to use the most superior waterproofing system for ANY tile shower. THE HOT MOP SHOWER PAN. This product will give you the REASSURANCE and FUNCTIONALITY that other methods cannot compete with! We offer the fastest installation times, the fastest setting times, and a longer lifespan than any other method on the market today! Here at Dexterous Hot Mop in Rancho Cucamonga, we specialize in crafting the best shower waterproofing system possible.

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