The Hot Mop Process

The hot mop process is quick, easy, and most importantly, attentive. The process generally only takes about an hour and a half to craft, and about two hours to dry. We protect your floors with drop cloths, so even in the minimal chance of a mistake, there is always back-up protection. The first stage is paper-cut custom made sheets of roofing felt to create the 3 layers of the hot mop. Once all the pieces have been cut, folded, and prefabricated, we can start the sloping process.

The ¼” inch per foot mortar bed is a mortar dry-pack that is sloped with a cement trowel dry, and then hardened with water. Once the sloped mortar bed has dried, we can waterproof the drain and start the next stage, THE HOT MOPPING PROCESS. A bucket of hot tar is carried to the shower with a special fiberglass mop head to use to apply the tar. We then dip the mop into the tar bucket and apply the tar to one side of the shower, before carefully and professionally placing a piece of paper into the shower on the tar.

We repeat this process to the opposite side of the shower to equal one whole layer. This is repeated until 3 layers have been achieved. One last layer, then we cut out a perfect circle from the inside of the drain and permanently connect the drain to the bottom flange. We apply fiberglass mesh on all cuts and seams to give you a seamless pan that does not separate. Finally, the last stage (top mop) is done, in which we apply an abundant amount of waterproof tar over the entire shower pan to encase and seal the whole product together. You now have the absolute BEST shower waterproofing system for your tile shower. You now have a product with a lifespan of over 35+ years, instead of the standard 10-20 years.

Trust a Hot Mop Professional that waterproofs tile showers in all shapes and sizes for a living instead of laborer who waterproofs 1-2 showers per week using other systems. During the mopping process, there can be a tarry smell and a smokey atmosphere, but this can be helped with proper ventilation, and shouldn’t last more than a couple of hours.