What Is A Hot Mop Shower Pan?

A shower pan leak is one of the most disastrous situations that can occur in the construction field. Shower pan leaks occur when the waterproofing system fails to be 100% waterproof. This happens as a result of time, poor installation, or a bad product. These are ABSOLUTELY COSTLY. Not only is there water damage in and around your shower when this happens, but it can seep into the house’s structure, in the wood and other parts of the house on the second or third level. A complete tile shower installed by a professional can cost between $6,000 to $12,000, depending on the choice of tile and the size of the shower, not to mention any other repairs you may have to pay for on the second or third levels.

So, when choosing which system to use for waterproofing your tile shower, you are going to want the system with the highest functionality & longest lifespan to keep your mind at ease when trusting where to put your money. You want to invest in maximum protection. Stretch your money further year after year with a hot mop shower pan.

One of the best aspects of a hot mop service is the cost. The price of hot mops runs comparable to other shower waterproofing methods, but when it comes to performance and dependability, there is no competition.

For over 4 generations, this system has proven to last the absolute LONGEST, so you can keep your money in your pocket! One of the prime attributes this system offers is the level of customization that it comes with. Every hot mop is handmade and personally crafted on the spot. We can create a shower pan to conform to any shape or size shower you can think of! A common mistake people make when installing different shower pans is not ensuring they are sloped correctly. This causes the deterioration of your cement and tile’s lifespan, and can result in SMELLY MOLD. This is why all of our shower pans are entirely pre-sloped at a quarter-inch-per-foot to allow proper drainage and to pass all building codes. This allows all the water that rests on the shower pan to travel to the inside of the secondary drain. Many don’t realize the lack of proper drainage can tremendously affect your home. If the shower pan is not sloped, it just sits inside the cement bed and breaks away the lifespan of the beautiful tile and grout, which in turn, causes the lifespan of the shower to weaken in time with mold growth.

With the fastest installation time, of about an hour and a half, the installation process is quick, easy, and attentive. There is absolutely no mess left behind, especially with these types of materials. Other methods take 3-4 hours, occasionally more for dry rolling on membranes. There is no margin for error!

Our main priority here at Dexterous Hot Mop is to give you the hottest waterproofing product on the market today, using the safest & cleanest technique.

For more information on all of our options, call us today at Dexterous Hot Mop in Rancho Cucamonga, CA! Call us today so we can show you how to keep your mind at ease and your money in your pockets with hot mop shower pan waterproofing!